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 "Jingle Making Contest" Mechanics and Registration

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PostSubject: "Jingle Making Contest" Mechanics and Registration   Fri Oct 21, 2011 6:05 am

" Be Heard! and Be Famous! "

Share and express your talents through a song!

1. Compose your own lyrics about Tycoon Ran. You can use existing songs but you have change their lyrics.
eg. Tune of Price Tag by Jessie J = "its not about AP, AP, AP..We dont need your AP,AP,AP..We just want to play Tycoon, forget about AP's........blablabla" (c/o xMaximumCritNate, lol corny haha)

2. Sing and record your voice (with minus one background music of course). You can approach your friends to help you out, you can ask a person who can sing well, and who could edit your song as well.

3. The music should be in a MP3 or wav, format.

4. Submission of entries : email it at posh_o1@yahoo.com (email and attach the file) that's posh underscore, small letter o then number 1.
or upload it to any file hosting site and then post the link here in our forum, or send it to me, [FM] Marj (thru fb). DOn't forget to indicate your IGN.

5. Duration of your song should be atleast 1min.30sec. up to 2mins.30sec. (max)

6. Entry ratio = 1player:1entry

You will be given 7 days for this event. Starting today, October 21 until October 28, 2011.
Last Day of submission of entries will be on October 28 (Friday 12midnight)
On October 29,morning We will make it available for voting. Voting will be implemented here in our forum, so better visit our forum frequently and make your accounts as well.
The winner will be announced on October 29 (Saturday) Evening. (TENTATIVE SCHEDULE, since malapit na ang undas Very Happy)

1. 1k TR Points
2. New Ep7 donate Wing (non-trade, non-drop)
3. The winning piece/song will be aired in the market (in game) for a week.

Criteria for Judging:
1. Voice Quality
2. Music Quality (sound)
3. Lyrics (if it is related to Tycoon Ran, funny, cool and if it has a sense, lol)
4. 50% people's choice, 50% Admin/Developer/Staffs's choice

NOW is your chance to be heard and be famous!

We encourage everyone to participate in such events.
Thank You and we are looking forward for more participants to join in this event.

Note: if your entries are already available you can post a reply in this thread. Thank You. Very Happy

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"Jingle Making Contest" Mechanics and Registration
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